Friday, March 3, 2017

The Wonders Of "CineMagic" in HD !! THE ANGRY RED PLANET Is Coming

     On June 24 Shout Factory is releasing the wonders of Sid Pink's THE ANGRY RED PLANET on Blu-Ray so that we may behold the wonders of CineMagic in glorious HD. Conceived by producer Pink and producer/director (and comic book artist) Norman Mauer its combination of animated backgrounds, solarisation of a B&W negative and a red tinting was suppose to create a 3D type effect but the process did quite work out with the end result being one the most bizarre and unique looking films in sci-fi history.
    Directed by Ib Melchior (THE TIME TRAVELERS) the plot follows a budget impoverished journey to the red planet led by hairy chested lounge lizard Gerald Mohr (TERROR IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE) along with the serious pipe smoking older scientist (Les Tremayne THE MONOLITH MONSTERS), comedy relief and second banana Jack Kruschen (THE WAR OF THE WORLDS) and love interest Nora Hayden (HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL)- who seems to spend the entire movie getting pawed by Mahler and fielding his cheesy pick-up lines.
   Part of the inspiration for Larry Weiss's sequence in AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON it boasts some of the most mind boggling bizarre alien creatures ever devised including a three eye martian, a huge crawling amoeba with a rotating eyeball and best of all that huge rat bat spider thing.
   The 1.66 Eastman color should look gorgeous in HD and it would be nice if Shout could spring for some extras as this practically cries out for a Tom weaver commentary.

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