Tuesday, March 14, 2017


    Coming April 11 from Severin Films is this atmospheric and creepy slice of Lovecraftian horror.  A UK/Italian/Russian co-production directed by Mario Baino, its Italian roots have lent it to be labeled as one of the last gasps from the golden age of Euro-horror.
    Filmed in the Ukraine, its a beautiful looking film that should translate well to HD. The plot concerns a young woman played by Louise Salter (INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE) who after the death of her father travels to her place of birth which is a remote island containing a reclusive group of nuns who hold strange rituals in an attempt to guard "something"
    Oozing Gothic atmosphere with a strong Lovecraft vibe, it rewards with attentive viewing and hopefully this release will bring it to a wider audience.
     On the same day Severin is also releasing Bruno Mattei's nunsploitation classic THE OTHER HELL. Sounds like a great double feature.

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