Tuesday, July 28, 2015


    Coming this later this year on blu-ray from Kino is A.I.P's 1966 space vampire classic QUEEN OF BLOOD. Directed by Curtis Harrington, this is one of several films that can looked upon as a precursor to Ridley Scott's ALIEN. Like he had done previously with VOYAGE TO A PREHISTORIC PLANET, Harrington used footage from a pair of Russian sci-fi film that had been purchased by Roger Corman (MECHTE NAVSTRECHO & NEBO ZOVYOT) and integrated the long shots and effects footage from these into his newly shot material.
    Featuring John Saxon, Basil Rathbone and a just before letting his freak flag fly Dennis Hopper along with a creepy performance by the Czech born Florence Marly in the title role. The plot concerns a space crew who picks up a alien life form in the form of Marly and begin a nightmarish voyage home. The film also features a cameo by Forrest Ackerman who as a result heavily promoted the film (along with Marly) in Famous Monsters

    Available previously from MGM through their MOD program this blu ray release is part Kino's (along with Walter Olsen over at Scorpion) ongoing deal with MGM for distribution of their A.I.P. & New World holdings - with hopefully more goodies to follow.

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