Sunday, July 26, 2015



   Along with the passel of other releases Scream Factory announced at this recently past San Diego Comic Con was was this 1971 shocker which is widely known as the "sickest PG film ever released".  Originally released theatrical by MGM and never before available on home video (there was evidently some rights issues to be cleared up) this has been a highly requested title.
   Melody Patterson (from F-TROOP) plays a young girl who after her prostitute mother has been beaten to death by a hammer is hustled off to a creepy orphanage overseen by Gloria Grahame (THE BIG HEAT) and Len Lesser (KELLY'S HEROES and Uncle Leo from SEINFELD). A fine example of sleazy 70's horror (along with a slight touch of humor) and a really great example of just what you could get away with in the 70's as far as ratings were concerned.

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