Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Joan Collins Late Night Cable Trashy Sleaze Is Coming.....


     After the massive success of ABC's prime time soaper DYNASTY Joan Collins pretty much disowned her entire pre-1980 career. With acting credits stretching all the way back  to 1951 there are some real gems lurking in there including the alternately grim & daffy REVENGE from 1970 along with 1975's ROSEMARY'S BABY inspired I DON'T WANT TO BE BORN in which stripper Joan is cursed into giving birth to the spawn of Satan after spurring the advances of a lecherous dwarf and Bert I. Gordon's 1977 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS as shady real estate mogul Joan tries to sell some condos that unfortunately are infested by the title creatures.
    Just before prime time TV turned into America's favorite slutty rich bitch she appeared in these two screen adaptations based upon novels by her sister Jackie where she played basically the same slutty rich bitch character only more amped as far as bare skin and sex are concerned.
   Back in the early 80's these were staples of late night cable TV and now thanks to Kino Lorber you'll be able to enjoy them any hour of the day starting on March 14. Both will feature audio commentaries by David Del Valle and Nick Redmond along with interviews with cast members (however without the participation of Joan I'm fairly certain).
   Filled with (unintentionally) hilarious dialogue and set pieces (who could ever forgot that swing in THE STUD) these both are icons of trash cinema and great guilty pleasures.

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