Friday, August 21, 2015



     Coming out Oct. 13 from Vinegar Syndrome is this 1981 Mexican/U.S. co-production which is one of the truly great cheesy horror films of the 1980's and one that back in the VHS days seem to show up in every mom & pop video store.
     Directed by Alfred Zacarias (who also responsible for the equally mind bending THE BEES from 1978) this features Stuart Whitman as a priest on the trail of a possessed hand unearthed from a cursed mine in Mexico.  Helping out Whitman is Samantha Eggar (who was just coming THE BROOD and the THE EXTERMINATOR) and Russ Meyer starlet Haji (FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!) makes an appearance along with stuntman/third heavy on right (and member of the Sam Peckinpah stock company) Roy Jenson.
    To spice it up for the American market Jim Wynorski was hired to film a pre-credit sequence that featured some satanic ritual footage that had some back story for the processed hand (which during the course of the movie shows it self to be an expert at throwing craps in Vegas). Vinegar Syndrome has said the release will contain both the U.S. and International cuts of the movie along with some extras. Demonoid Diplomas were handed out to lucky recipients during the films initial run.

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